ASC: The Place To Use For All Your Aero Components

There is no project too large or too small for our team here at ASC. We were founded in 1969 and have been proudly serving the aerospace community, building quality aero components for decades. We have over 500 products that can be found on fixed and rotary wing aircrafts.  

What sets us apart from other aero components companies? 

  • Integrity: Everything we do and every aero component we produce is built on the foundation of integrity. We ensure that each of our staff are highly trained and ready to consistently meet and exceed your expectations. We believe in being honest and upfront with our customers about every step of the process and in every area of our company.
  • Value: We have the ability to not only design and build but also test your aerospace components all on property. We may be a “small” company, but we provide you with valuable large-company capabilities. We maintain a well-equipped testing facility in order to support rapid product development and certification testing. Our testing services include: 
    • Contaminated Air Testing 
    • Elevated Air Flow Testing: 
    • Elevated Temperature Testing
    • Environmental Chamber
    • Hot Chambers
    • High Air Pressure Testing
    • High Temperature Testing
  • Quality: We provide only the best-in-quality aero components on the market. We make sure that each piece has been designed to fit your specifications and needs. We take the issues you have and come up with a custom solution to solve the problem or fix the part. These are a few of our aerospace components that we can provide: 
    • Butterfly Valves: These are the most common type of valve used in the aerospace industry.  
    • Check Valves: We custom design your check valve with flow temperatures from ambient up to 1200ºF. 
    • Gate Valves: Our gate valves can be custom designed to operate in any pneumatic system. 

If you are interested in working with our company that prides itself in its integrity, values, and quality products, contact us today and let our team design and build all your aero component parts.