ASC: Keeping Up With Aerospace Advancements

Man has had a desire to explore space since the dawn of time. There are several theories about what the universe has to offer and the wonders that it holds. From planets, moons, and stars to asteroids, black holes, and comets, the universe and space is a vast place to explore. Before we had the capabilities to reach space with our satellites and spacecraft, we settled for traveling as high as we could in airplanes and jets, and before that we settled for telescopes to stare and learn our information about the clouds and atmosphere. It wasn’t until someone engineered all the necessary parts that could withstand the change in atmosphere that any type of aerospace travel was possible. Just like man has advanced from telescopes to airplanes to rockets to rovers, our company has progressed through the years and works hard every day to keep up with the latest advancement in aerospace systems.

How we stay up to speed with our in-house testing and engineering

One of the things that allows our company to stand out among others is that we not only have a great team of engineers that design amazing aerospace systems, but that we also take their designs straight to our in-house testing facilities. We have cut out the middle man and the extra wait time that it would normally take to get your products to you by keeping every step of the process in one location.  These are some of the aerospace system capabilities that our in-house testing facility has:

  • Elevated Air Flow Testing: Up to 1500 SCFM up to 330 PSIG
  • Elevated Temperature Testing: Up to 1500 SCFM at 330 + PSIG at 1000ºF
  • High Air Pressure/High Temperature Testing: Up to 40 lbs/min at 580 PSIG at 1200ºF
  • Environmental Chamber Testing: -100ºF to +350ºF ambient
  • Hot Chambers: Up to +650ºF ambient
  • Contaminated Air Testing to Various Criteria (Typical: MIL – E- 5007/SAE ARP 986C)

If you have the need for speed and want your aerospace system parts done quickly and with great quality and care, contact us today. We will get your parts to you quickly so you can get your products in the air in no time.