ASC: Providing The Best In Aerospace Components for Decades

At ASC, we have devoted our time and energy to providing the best in aerospace components to you, our customers. We will work with you diligently to focus on specific applications and designs for the best in performance and reliability. Everything we do is based on integrity, value, and agility. Every step of the production process is done with integrity ensuring the best quality products. 


What sets us apart from other aerospace component manufacturers

In addition to our values, we are set out from other manufacturers by being able to do our own product testing on site. We are able to eliminate the middleman by keeping the products we’ve produced and testing them at our facilities. This allows us to get you your products in a timely manner and ensure that no steps are skipped in the production and testing process. 


Here are a few of the top aerospace components that our engineers have produced:


  • Gate Valves: We have flight proven Pilot Operate Gate Valve designs currently installed on many aircraft platforms. Our options include: aluminum or stainless steel, normally open or normally closed, position indication, and temperatures up to 900ºF. 
  • Butterfly Valves: We can custom design and engineer pneumatic butterfly valves for pressure regulating or modulating and temperature control. This is the most common type of valve that we produce as it is the most widely used in the industry. Our options include: Solenoid Controlled (13 to 32 VDC), Position Feedback, Manual Override, and Manual Lock. 
  • Miscellaneous Products: In addition to valves, we also offer a variety of other products, including axial blowers, pneumatic regulators, thermal actuators, and more.


Contact our staff today to find the perfectly crafted aerospace components to fit your needs. We look forward to working with you and providing the best quality products in the aerospace industry.