ASC: The Company For All Your Aerospace Component Needs

Are you stuck and struggling with where to go to get quality aerospace components? Are you tired of waiting for weeks or even months to receive a custom made part for your aerospace needs? Are you frustrated that you can’t find the perfect components needed to complete your aerospace projects? ASC has the answers and solutions to all your problems. 

What sets ASC apart from other aerospace manufacturers? 


  • You won’t have to wait months for your aerospace components: We are the leading  manufacturer of customer-designed aerospace components. Our manufacturing team is located near the production floor to make sure that all details are manufactured and tested properly. We have the capability to not only manufacture but also quality control test in our lab ensure your customized aerospace components will function perfectly just like they should.  
  • We offer a wide variety of other aerospace products as well:
  • Gate Valves: Our valves provide a shut-off or dual flow solution and can be designed with an extremely low full open pressure drop and is the shortest installed length of any aerospace component on the market today. 
  • Butterfly Valves: We customize our butterfly valves to match the needs of your project. These are the most common type of valves used in the aerospace industry because of the relatively low pressure drop characteristics. 


      • Check Valves: We have flight proven dual flapper and split flapper designs in all types of aerospace applications. The check valve can handle flow temperature from ambient up to 1200 degrees fahrenheit. 


  • You will be greeted with great customer service every time: We take pride in meeting and exceeding all our customers expectations. We make sure that our personnel are properly trained and have all the resources made available to them to serve you efficiently and effectively. 


Are you ready to get all your customized aerospace components made properly and ready to use after extensive testing? Contact our team at ASC today and let us help you design and develop the components needed to complete all of your aerospace projects.