Where To Find The Best Aircraft Systems For Your Projects

When you need only the best parts for your aircraft systems, who do you turn to? ASC has over 500 products that are found on fixed and rotary wing aircraft systems. ASC is dedicated to designing only the best in aircraft systems and other component needs for our customers.

The following are a few reasons why ASC stands out among other aircraft system and component designers:

  • Quality: We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products for our customers. We are consistently meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs for aircraft systems and other components. We ensure that all our employees are trained properly and have all the resources they need at their fingertips to better design and create the aircraft systems you need.    
  • Production: Our production team is constantly working to apply state-of the-art technology in our process. Our manufacturing and engineering teams make sure that every detail is held to the highest quality. We assemble all our aircraft system products in-house and test them here as well. We also use 3D models to help in our production models.
  • Testing: We provide on-site testing in order to deliver your products to you quickly. Our testing lab is designed to perform altitude, temperature, humidity, contaminated air and endurance testing. We can simulate gas turbine bleed air conditions for testing of aircraft pneumatic valves.  We take pride in our on-site testing and make sure that it stays maintained to the highest standard, ensuring only quality aircraft systems being delivered to you.
  • Products: We provide a variety of valves for your aircraft system needs: butterly, gate, check, sleeve, and motor operated valves to name a few. We also offer a variety of other products such as regulators, actuators, and blowers. 

If you’re in need of design, parts, or testing for your aircraft systems, contact us today and let us help design the parts you need.