Quality Aerospace Components From ASC

  • Gate Valves: This provides a shut-off or dual flow solution. We can design them with a low full open pressure drop or internal leakage and can also design the shortest installed length of any valve configuration on the market. Our options include:
    • Aluminum or Stainless Steel
    • Normally Open or Normally Closed
    • Position Indication
    • Temperatures Up To 900º
  • Butterfly Valves: These are the most common type of valve used in the aerospace component industry. They are designed for pressure regulating or modulating temperature control. Our valves are  flight proven, straight and canted axis butterfly designs. Our options include:
    • Temperatures Up To 1200º
    • Servo Controlled
    • Position Feedback
    • Manual Override and Lock
  • Check Valves: Our custom designed check valves are flight proven with dual flapper and split flapper designs. Our flow temperatures reach up to 1200º. Our specs are:
    • Two or Four Flappers
    • Pressures Up To 250 PSIG
    • Cracking Pressure As Low As 1” H20
    • Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Inconel
  • Sleeve Valves: Our design is unique because the valve and actuator can be one and the same. We’ve considered pressure drop into our design due to its increased values, making this an advantage in the simplicity of the design. Our options include:
    • New Three-Way Control
    • Pressure Regulation with Integral or Remote Downstream Sense
    • Regulating or Modulating
    • Easily Modified For Different Applications

It is our policy to provide you, our customer, with the highest quality in aerospace component needs. We are able to produce our products with our inservice testing. Our production floor ensures that every single detail is manufactured and tested properly.

If you’ve been looking for a company with a history of quality service and values in the aerospace industry, look no further. Contact our team today to begin planning your next order of quality, custom-made aerospace components. We look forward to working and designing with you.