Why You Need An Aerospace Company That Can Do In-house MRO

Maintenance on your aircraft components is vital to the success of your aircraft. Not only is the maintenance important but the turn around time of completing the maintenance on your part is important as well. There is no need to wait months on end in order to get your aircraft component back from routine maintenance procedures.

ASC is dedicated to providing our customers with the best. Our company takes pride in three main areas: 

    1. Agility: We provide the best in new aircraft component development. Our design process and MRO is all in-house. We keep our facilities up-to-date and keep our machines performing at the highest level. We only produce top quality products for aircraft components.
    2. Integrity: Everything we do is with the highest integrity. We start our products at the design stage and ensure integrity throughout the whole process. We also have integrity in our MRO and ensure integrity in our commitments to our employees, suppliers, and you, our customers.
    3. Value: We may be a small company, but we offer large company capabilities. We want our customers to have high value products, with our in-house machinery we can design, build, test, and maintain all aircraft components giving you the highest quality in service

We have been providing quality MRO services since 1969. We offer repair and overhaul for all aircraft components and use only OEM replacement part which ensure a greater life cycle of your products. OEM parts also enhance aircraft safety. 

Our MRO aircraft component services include:

  • Functional Testing
  • Recertification
  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Exchange

The next time you are in need of MRO services for your aircraft components, think of ASC, the small aerospace company with big-company capabilities. Our services are backed by OEM warranty, and all for a reasonable price. Call us today for a quote for all of your MRO service needs.