The Best Place To Purchase And Repair Your Aero Components

At ASC, we can help you fulfill any size order or fix because of our on-site facilities that are able to test, repair, manufacture, and ship any parts made at our warehouse. We are a smaller company in the aerospace industry but offer big company services with a personal touch. Our years of experience has shown us exactly what our clients need and how important each step is to producing a quality product that will last under any condition. We can produce and repair all aero components with great care and quality in one location for faster service because everything is done at one place. 

What makes ASC the best company for your aero component repairs and purchases?  


  • ASC Quality Policy:  We have committed ourselves to providing the highest quality aero components to all of our customers. We want to make sure that you are out in the open air in no time by meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations in both performance and timely availability. We also have the best personnel that have all been properly trained to create the best in aero components. We are certified with the ISOQAR for our quality management system standards. 
  • Engineering: Our engineers are the first step in our aero component product development. We also specialize in custom designed engineered components resulting in possible greater speeds for you. Our engineers ensure that ever detail is quality manufactured and tested. We are the leading source in the aero component market. 
  • Testing: The service that sets us apart is our on-site testing facility. Instead of taking the time to mail your parts to a testing facility and wait for them to be returned, we use our on-site testing lab to cut down time in getting your aero component parts to you. We have extensive testing capability that allows us to perform multiple tests:


    • Elevated Air Flow Testing: Up to 1500 SCFM up to 330 PSIG
    • Elevated Temperature Testing: Up to 1500 SCFM @ 330 + PSIG @ 1000ºF 
    • High Air Pressure/High Temperature Testing: Up to 40lbs/Min @ 580 PSIG @ 1200ºF
    • Environmental Chamber Testing: -100ºF to +350º ambient
    • Hot Chambers: Up to + 650ºF ambient
    • Contaminated Air Testing to Various Criteria

Are you ready to work with the leading manufacturer in aero components? Contact us today and let us manufacturer or repair any parts you need to get your aerospace products ready for use.