Where To Find Quality Aerospace Components

When looking to buy quality aerospace components, why not buy from the best? ASC has been providing quality aerospace components to Honeywell, Pilatus, United Technologies and several other companies. We can help provide you with the same quality aerospace components.

Why choose ASC for you aerospace component needs?

ASC is dedicated providing  you only the highest quality products for you, our customer. In order to meet these high standards, we consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectation. We are constantly improving the effectiveness of our aerospace components. We guarantee that all our staff are properly trained and have all the appropriate resources needed to provide you with only the best in aerospace components.

What services do we offer?

  • Engineering – Our engineering team has  years of experience. We specialize in custom designed aerospace components. All of our engineers are equipped to use 3D modeling to help provide you with quality components.
  • Testing – We have an engineering lab that allows us to test each and every one of our products before you receive them. With our on-site facilities, you won’t have to wait for weeks for another lab to test the quality of your aerospace components. Our lab has the following capabilities:
    • Elevated Air Flow Testing
    • Elevated Temperature Testing
    • Environmental Chamber Testing
    • Hot Chamber Testing
    • Contaminated Air Testing.
  • Manufacturing – Our manufacturing team is located near the production floor to ensure that there is no loss of communication and every detail that you wanted in your aerospace component is in there. Our team is constantly working on new ways to incorporate technology to provide you with only top quality products.

If you are looking for only the best in aerospace components, then contact our highly skilled and trained manufacturers and engineers today. We can help find or create the best quality parts needed to complete your aerospace projects.