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Products for the Aerospace and Gas Turbine Industries

What Makes Us Different


Everything we do at ASC is built on the foundation of integrity. We incorporate integrity in all our products beginning with the design stage and we ensure integrity in our commitments to our employees, suppliers and our customers.


We are a small company but we offer large company capabilities. We have a unique ability to design, build and test intricate components at competitive, small company prices. By combining the two we render the ultimate value for our customers.


We provide the best-in-class new product development and reorder lead-times. Our design processes are supported by our in-house qualification test facility and well equipped machine shop.

Much More Than Just Pneumatic Valves

Since its beginnings, ASC has been devoted to providing the best products to our customers. We work with each customer diligently to focus on specific applications and designs for superior performance and reliability.

ASC valves are not just assembled they’re engineered. Each valve model has been built from the inside out to achieve a balance of durability and performance. Based on the design, our products can fit into tight spaces, minimize weight and provide high quality performance in difficult environments with high temperature and high pressure. We design to meet specific needs, not to fill a market. Every detail has been proven in the field and every design element has been tested and refined. As a result, each valve is reliable, tuned to perfection and manufactured to give superior performance.

Our testing facility is one of the best around. We continue to expand our capabilities to meet the increasing demands of today’s systems. We provide the majority of qualification testing in-house which enables us to be hands on to react and respond quickly to provide a highly engineered and tested product to the market quickly with guaranteed compliance with certification requirements.

Our team has the desire and drive to get it done right. We make the time and put in the effort to please our customers and with our flexible schedules we are easy to work with.

Some of Our Clients

ASC: A Rich History

Aerospace Systems & Components Inc. was founded in 1969 by Charles Peer when the former Engineer for Learjet developed his first valve for his former employer. ASC was the first of several companies founded by Mr. Peer and is proud to be part of Great Plains Ventures. Our sister GPV companies include:

  • GPI Corp Secondary_1C_Blue – A leading manufacturer of pumps and meters for the agricultural and chemical industries.
  • Print – Provider of high quality powder coating services to regional manufacturers.
  • GPV Logo-2 – Real estate development and management services.

Located in the “Air Capital of the World” ASC has evolved into a premier provider of a wide range of complex pneumatic components for general aviation, regional airliner and military applications. ASC now has over 500 products that are found on fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

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