ASC’s on-site engineering lab has extensive testing capabilities allowing us to perform development and qualification tests to RTCA DO-160 standards for new products, in addition to the upgrade/enhancement of existing products. Some of our capabilities include performing altitude, temperature, humidity, contaminated air and endurance testing. Having this in-house ability facilitates us in getting new products to our customers faster. ASC’s engineering lab can simulate gas turbine bleed air conditions in the rigorous testing of aircraft pneumatic valves, as well as meeting testing requirements of other pneumatic equipment and components.

Our current capabilities include:

  • Extensive DO-160 Testing
  • Air Lab 1: Up to 100 LB/MIN @ 330 PSIG & 1000°F (45 KG/MIN @ 23 BAR & 538°C)
  • Air Lab 2: Up to 100 LB/MIN @ 580 PSIG & 1200°F* (18 KG/MIN @ 40 BAR & 649°C)
  • Environmental Chambers: -100°F to +350°F (-73°C to 177°C), altitude, humidity
  • Contaminated Air Testing to Various Criteria (Typical: MIL-E-5007 / SAE ARP 986C)

We maintain a well equipped in-house machine shop to support rapid product development and certification testing.

We are available to perform your pneumatic testing needs.