Sleeve/Poppet Valve Description

This style of valve is unique because the valve and actuator can be one and the same.  Being an in-line design, the valving element is located coaxially with the duct centerline. Pressure drop is usually a consideration in the design of this type of valve due to its increased values. An obvious advantage is the simplicity in design. Our designs are modular, exploiting the quick adaptation of end fitting configurations or from shut-off only to a full regulating/shut-off configuration.


Sleeve/Poppet Valve Specs

Options include:

  • Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Inconel
  • Pressure Regulation with Integral or Remote Downstream Sense
  • Regulating or Modulating
  • Solenoid Controlled (13 to 32 VDC)
  • 3/4” to 3” Line Sizes Available
  • Maximum Operating Conditions up to 350 PSIG; 1200°F
  • Ambient Temperatures up to 300°F
  • Manual Override
  • Easily Modified for Different Applications

Sleeve/Poppet Valve Applications

Sleeve and poppet type valves are well suited for compact installations including engine nacelles and smaller aircraft.  ASC sleeve type valves are used for engine anti-ice regulation and shutoff, high pressure bleed air regulation and shutoff, environment control system flow control (including bi-level regulation), and wing anti-ice regulation and shutoff.  ASC poppet valves are used for engine bleed air shutoff and APU anti-surge.  Sleeve and poppet type valves are used in all zones of aircraft ranging from engine compartment to tailcone

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