5201 E 36th St N, Wichita, Kansas 67220

Products for the Aerospace and Gas Turbine Industries


  • Eddie Morrison

    Eddie Morrison


  • Rob Mallon

    Rob Mallon

    Operations Manager

  • Steve Walker

    Steve Walker

    Business Development Manager

  • Long Tran

    Long Tran

    Contract Manager

  • Amanda Chavez

    Amanda Chavez

    Repair Station Supervisor

  • Jamal Ahmed

    Jamal Ahmed

    Quality Assurance Manager

  • Kelli Henderson

    Kelli Henderson

    Programs Manager

  • Diana Corbett

    Diana Corbett

    Materials Manager

  • Megan Mitchell

    Megan Mitchell

    HR Generalist

  • Vicki Hickman

    Vicki Hickman

    Finance & Admin Manager

  • Brian Brown

    Brian Brown

    Engineering Manager Product Design and Innovation

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