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Products for the Aerospace and Gas Turbine Industries

Butterfly Valves

ASC custom designs and engineers pneumatic Butterfly Valves for Pressure Regulating or Modulating and Temperature Control or Manual Operation. Butterfly valves are the most common type of valve used in the aerospace industry due to their relatively low pressure drop characteristics and short installation length.  ASC has flight proven straight axis and canted axis butterfly valve designs in all types of pneumatic aerospace applications with flow temperatures from ambient up to 1200°F.

Options Include:

    • Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Inconel
    • Pressure Regulation with Integral or Remote Downstream Sense
    • Canted Axis or Straight Axis
    • Servo Controlled (Modulating) (Analog or PWM Inputs)
    • Solenoid Controlled (13 to 32 VDC)
    • 1” to 4” Line Sizes, Larger Sizes Possible
    • Maximum Operating Conditions up to 350 PSIG; 1200°F
    • Ambient temperature up to 300°F
    • Position Feedback
    • Manual Override
    • Manual Lock

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