ASC Can Help With All of Your Aircraft MRO Component Needs

ASC has been providing quality MRO services since 1969; we have a wide variety and range of repair and overhaul capabilities. We use only OEM replacement parts which ensure the longevity of your parts. We take great pride in our customer service. We understand that it’s more than just creating products, but it’s about creating outstanding experiences and services for our customers. Our services we provide are:  

    • Functional Testing
    • Recertification
    • Repair
    • Overhaul
    • Exchange

We provide our aircraft MRO components at prices you can afford.

Our site is equipped to create a number of aircraft MRO components. From butterfly valves to gate valves, we can create the parts you need at prices you can afford. Our prices are lower than our competitors because our on-site facilities can do:

  • Engineering: Our team members have many years of engineering experience. We are equipped with 3D CAD modeling and several other operating systems that allow us to quickly develop the aircraft MRO components that fit your needs. Each aircraft MRO component is certified to meet the Do-60 requirement and are quality control tested in our on-site testing facilities.
  • Testing: Our current testing capabilities include:
    • Elevated Air Flow Testing: Up to 1500 SCFM up to 330 PSIG
    • Elevated Temperature Testing: Up to 1500 SCFM @ 330 + PSIG @ 1000°F
    • High Air Pressure/High Temperature Testing: Up to 40 LBS/Min @ 580 PSIG @ 1200°F
    • Environmental Chamber Testing: -100°F to + 350°F ambient
  • Manufacturing: We are the leading manufacturer of custom designed MRO components based in Kansas. We are constantly improving  and adding the latest in testing technology to help create quality products for our customers. We can manufacture or custom engineer solutions for your aircraft MRO components.

If you are in search for quality crafted aircraft MRO components, contact us today and let’s help design the perfect parts and components for your company’s needs.