Why You Should Use ASC As Your Aircraft Pneumatic System Parts Provider

Here at ASC, we are not only committed to ensuring that your aircraft pneumatic systems products are made to the highest standard of quality but made in a timely fashion as well. We ensure that our personnel are properly trained and have the latest equipment available to them to efficiently and effectively create any aircraft pneumatic system part your business may need.

Some of our more popular aircraft pneumatic systems products:

  • Gate Valves: We have flight-proven Pilot Operated Gate Valve designs that are currently installed on many of our customers aircraft platforms. Our gate valve has a shut-off or a dual flow solution. We can design a gate valve with extremely low full open pressure drop.
  • Butterfly Valves: We can custom design and engineer pneumatic butterfly valves not only for pressure regulating but for modulating and temperature control. We have flight-proven straight and canted axis butterfly valve designs in all types of aircraft pneumatic systems.
  • Check Valves: Our engineers can custom design your pneumatic check valves. We have flight-proven dual and split flapper designs for your aircraft pneumatic system.
  • Sleeve Valves: Our sleeve valve is a unique design because the valve and actuator can be one in the same. Simplistic in its design, this piece has a quick adaptation from shut-off only to a full regulating shut-off configuration.
  • Motor Operated Valves: Through many years of valve technology, we have combined our butterfly valve with a DC motor that is used extensively through the aerospace industry. This motor operated valve will provide you years of use in your aircraft pneumatic systems. The valve can withstand up to 300 psi.  

We work hard every day to ensure that you have top quality aircraft pneumatic systems parts every time you order. Contact  our team at ASC today for all your quality, hand-crafted aircraft pneumatic systems needs.