Testing for Aircraft System and Component Safety

When it comes to any type of motorized vehicle or machine, one of the first concerns brought to the forefront of everyone’s attention is safety, and for good reason. Safety is a topic everyone must address in any situation, but especially so when it involves a large vehicle such as an aircraft that carries a lot of people and could potentially cause a lot of harm or damage if something were to malfunction. Aircraft system safety is paramount, but that safety ultimately begins in the beginning stages of the design and testing an aircraft component before it is ever brought to manufacturing.

At Aerospace Systems and Components, or ASC, one of our main focuses when designing, testing, engineering, and manufacturing a new product for an aircraft system or component is safety. Our state-of-the-art testing facility allows our engineers to test multiple different scenarios to ensure a product is working and will continue to work as it is designed. By testing altitude, temperature, humidity, contaminated air, and endurance, we can document an aircraft’s system or components as it works, or doesn’t, under these conditions. Each product is certified to DO-160 requirements as well as our regular quality-control testing for safety and reliability.

Our experienced engineers can also help walk our customers through the documentation for FAA approval once the design and testing has been completed for your aircraft component.

Whether you just need manufacturing or have a brand new aircraft system or component to be designed, our facility at ASC is equipped to handle the entire process, from engineering to testing to manufacturing. By keeping the process in one location, our team can work together to provide the best quality products that have undergone the proper testing for safety and security. Contact our office today for a quote or to find out more about our facilities.