Aircraft Valves and Their Uses

At ASC, we have designed, tested, and manufactured many different types of aircraft valves over the years. Our facilities are set up to allow us to see our customers’ products produced from beginning to end without all the hassle of multiple locations and multiple companies getting in the way of the process. Our expert team of professionals can manufacture aircraft valves already designed or help our customers create the perfect aircraft system for their company’s specific needs.

Here are a few examples of the aircraft valves we have manufactured, and in some of these cases designed and tested, in the past for our customers:

  • Gate valves have a few options available including the material, size, and temperature. These valves can be designed with very low, full open-pressure drop, internal leakage, and the shortest installed length of any valve configuration in the aircraft industry to date.
  • Butterfly valves are the most common aircraft valves due to their low pressure drop characteristics and short installation length. They have a wide variety of choices, ranging from axis, material, size, temperature, and more.
  • Check valves can be used as a vacuum breaker, low-pressure relief valve, or for minimum pressure drop. They are designed with two or four flappers, can be manufactured with different materials, and range from 1-7 inches.
  • Sleeve valves are different than other aircraft systems in that the valve and actuator can be one and the same. They can be manufactured for shut-off only or full shut-off configuration.
  • Motor operated valves that ASC has manufactured combines a butterfly valve with a DC motor valve. Currently options are limited, but we look forward to offering more options over time.
  • Other valves ASC has manufactured include pneumatic relief valves, poppet valves, and manual operating valves. These aircraft valves all come with different options and can be customized for our customers’ individual needs.