Butterfly Valves

At ASC, we strive to bring our customers the very best service and quality products available. Every product we help design and build is done by expert personnel that take pride in their work. One of the most common pieces created in the aerospace industry is the butterfly valve. due to short installation length and somewhat low pressure drop characteristics. We have custom-designed and engineered many butterfly valves(and other valves, such as: check, gate, sleeve, and more) for our customers using our state-of-the-art technology and facilities. We have the ability to engineer, test, and manufacture the valves all in one place to ensure accuracy and precision for our customers.

butterfly valvesWe have many options to choose from when having a butterfly valve manufactured at ASC. We give you options choosing the material(aluminum, stainless steel or inconel), the axis type(canted or straight), the size(1” to 4” or can be customized to bigger sizes), pressure regulation, and more. We know that each of our customers has their own needs for valves, which is why we work to engineer each product to fit your specific needs. We can engineer the valve and test it in our labs to ensure safety and accuracy. Once we have a product that meets your needs and is accurate for use, we can then begin the manufacturing process for your part.

If you’re considering using ASC to engineer and/or manufacture a butterfly valve or any other type of valve, you can request a quote by filling out this form here or calling us at 316-686-7392. With keeping the engineering, testing, and manufacturing all in one place, we’re able to keep our costs down for our customers but still provide quality products every time. Consider ASC for all of your aerospace needs, where integrity, value, and agility meet.