Benefits of Aircraft Pneumatic Systems

Aircraft pneumatic systems use compressed air as a working fluid similarly to hydraulic systems. There are many benefits to using air as opposed to liquid for your aircraft pneumatic systems, and here are just a few of the benefits we would like to point out for you:

1. Not Flammable
Air is not flammable on its own, creating much less of a chance of a fire hazard with an aircraft pneumatic system than there is with liquid hydraulic systems. Pneumatic systems therefore are much safer for everyone involved.

2. Lightweight
Air is extremely lightweight and does not need a return line like hydraulic fluid systems do.

3. Simpler
Aircraft pneumatic systems are simpler in design, thus making them easier in every aspect of the design, manufacturing, installing, and upkeep of your aircraft pneumatic system, which ultimately also helps keep costs down.

4. Quantity
Fluid must be bought and refilled on a regular basis, so it is dependent on always having supply on-hand. Air is all around us, meaning the pneumatic system can literally be refilled at any time, anywhere, without ever having to worry about supply.

5. Cost
While hydraulic systems require purchase of the fluid and paying to be consistently refilled, aircraft pneumatic systems use air, which is free. This brings down costs on supply and refilling, making it the better option all around.

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